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Bucket Babies 2011

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Jessica with her two buck kids 2011

It is always a joy to see good mothering - animal or human!

It has been said many times that every goat breeder has his own way of doing things. That is certainly true, based on the many breeders I've met in person and through the internet. We have all had both good and bad experiences with our goats that have led us to our current practices. Most of us love standing around a barnyard sharing our stories with each other.

The issue of CAEV (Caprine Arthritic Encephalitis Virus) is very prominent in the nubian goat field. All adult animals at Adagio Farm are tested annually and are negative on record.  

G6S is another concern in the nubian community. All of our breeding stock at Adagio Farm are G6S normal by test or parentage.

We have never had a case of CL (Caseous Lymphadenitis), and all the livestock have been tested negative (December 2016). According to my knowledgeable veterinarian, CL and many other bacterial conditions are latent in every goat herd. Raising goats the way we do tends to prevent the stress that is often a precursor to illness. Feeding adequate minerals free-choice has been an excellent preventative measure for us. We use a mineral formulated by our vet exclusively for goats. Cleanliness, proper feeding, and timely attention to deworming and vaccinations have been major factors in keeping our animals stress-free and healthy. Our goats are fed alfalfa, sudan, and sometimes coastal hay. They are kept year-round on a 16% protein goat ration and have thirty acres of pasture to browse.

As the purpose of a website is to attract buyers, it is generally presumed that we provide information that will help us to sell our stock. Disagreeable details are best left out. Be that as it may, I am attempting to provide a distant or local buyer the opportunity to "visit" Adagio Farm via this website. This is an accurate and open description of our health practices. We are continually striving to improve our animals.  Please feel free to call or email with questions you may still have. 

Lab results for CAE and CL status of all goats and sheep at Adagio Farm - December 2016 :

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