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Above: Molly at five years old. Pictured below is Molly’s 2019 moonspotted buck kid, available for $300.

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Molly came from the Buttercup Acres herd in east Texas. She has the excellent attachment and fore udder which is typical of Buttercup Acres Nubians. Her udder is high and tight, with excellent rear height and width. She has been highly productive and a persistent milker from her first freshening. If I could, I would put her udder on every doe I breed. Her teat orifices are of perfect size to make milking easy without ever allowing any leaking, no matter how full her udder is. The mitral valves are high and sound after eight years of hand milking. She proves the importance of attachment by the way she is carrying a substantial udder after so many years. At her peak, she produced 12 pounds/day. 

At her first Linear Appraisal in 2016, Molly scored 88 VV+E. In front legs and udder texture, she received a score of Very Good. She received a score of Excellent in rear legs and mammary.

Molly produced triplets for her ninth freshening in nine years. In spite of freshening in a fairly anemic condition, she is feeding all three kids with the ease of a great deal of experience! This goat shows the importance of correct conformation and mammary system. Through the years, I have learned to appreciate the value of strong, well-set legs on a goat, as well as the importance of a well-attached udder. Without this, you just don’t get longevity as a milker. 

Molly has one doe kid (reserved) and two buck kids. Every year I say this: these are the best potential herd sires I have to offer for 2019.

Molly's Dam, Pippi
Molly's Sire
Second Freshening Udder
Molly X Sprite
Eighteen months old
One year old
Two years old
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