Before You Buy

  • Consider starting out with young animals who will have time to get used to you (and you to them) before you start the process of milking a goat. We encourage the purchase of kids, for this reason.

  • Realize that working with animals is just that - work. It takes time and patience to develop a successful working relationship with a milk goat. Be sure that you can make that commitment before buying a goat.

  • Recognize that the health of the herd you are buying from cannot be maintained if animals leave and re-enter the herd, risking exposure to other animals. We test our animals to guarantee that they are free from CAE and CL. It doesn’t make sense to send them out on a “trial basis” to other farms where they may contract and import these diseases (or any others).

  • Our animals are priced according to the general market for registered, purebred Nubians that are horn-free, disease-free, and out of high quality milking genetics. No one ever gets rich selling Nubian goats. We aim to break even, but rarely do. This is more a labor of love than a business. 

  • Understand the tremendous amount of time, labor, and expense that goes into the production of a good milk goat. It all begins with hours of researching reputable breeders, pedigrees, health issues, management practices, etc.. Then there are countless hours spent in bottle-raising, feeding, breeding, deworming, hoof-trimming, the kidding season (with all of its challenges), training animals to the milking routine, weaning kids. The list is unending. Add to that the expense of proper food and supplements and medical attention and equipment (not to mention good breeding stock), and you can easily understand.  Good goats don’t come cheap. 

  • For the reasons already stated, once an animal leaves our farm, it becomes the responsibility of the buyer. We cannot guarantee your success with an animal you purchase from us. There are just too many details of caregiving and handling. We will give extended support to buyers (within reason), but we do not offer returns or exchanges, once a sale is final.

  • In conclusion, do your research ahead of purchasing. Reserve kids in advance of birth for the greatest opportunity for smooth transition from our farm to yours. While raising Nubians can be very rewarding and enjoyable, it’s a good idea to learn as much as you can before buying, to be sure you are ready to face the challenges of caring for a dairy goat.
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